The Gig Rig ElectroMan

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If you love your Memory Man but the wall wart gets you down, your prayers have been answered. Our wonderful ElectroMan 9-24V DC adapter simply plugs on to the end of a Distributor cable being powered by the Generator. If you use a Diamond Memory lane all you need is this and the 2.5 to 2.1mm end plug adapter and you're good to go!

Ideal for use with 24V DC Electro Harmonix pedals, Lane and any other pedal that requires an isolated 24V DC supply with 2.5mm centre positive input (for the Diamond Memory Lane just use a 2.5 to 2.1mm adapter on the end of the plug of the ElectroMan).
TheGigRig 9-24V adapter will provide a clean supply and isolate the pedal it supplies from all the other pedals in exactly the same way as using the pedals own wall power supply. What’s more, the 9-24V adapter will provide reverse isolation, so crosstalk between its-self and other pedals will be eliminated.