Poor Nameless Boy - April 1, 2019 - with special guest: Adyn Townes

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Doors at 7pm, Show at 8pm.

Tickets will NOT be shipped.  Bring order number or order confirmation to the door. 

$21.50 advance, $25 door.  NO REFUNDS.

Cash bar.

“In a world that celebrates being rich and famous, there’s something purely powerful about being poor and nameless.”

Disarming in a moment, his soft, melodic delivery is born from a keen perception of the human condition. This understated authenticity is why you’ll find Poor Nameless Boy on the fringes of something much deeper than modern indie-folk. In his quest to retain a certain humbled anonymity, Regina-based Joel Henderson has, in fact, made himself more noticeable than ever. 

Though similar to his contemporaries with his wispy, shiver-worthy vocal tones reminiscent of Donovan Woods and Gregory Alan Isakov; Henderson’s stark vulnerability sets him apart, coupled with a deep lyrical poignancy. Since the release of Activity Book (2013), and the proceeding, stunningly beautiful and acclaimed Bravery(2016); Henderson has seen some notable milestones, including a recent publishing deal and several successful tours and showcases in Canada and Europe.

Henderson’s striking grasp of life’s complexities is mirrored by a pure modesty, allowing listeners to immerse themselves into the stories, songs and experiences of Poor Nameless Boy without pretence. With no desire to be seen as a brand or commodity, his humanistic proposition is entirely irresistible, and as a songwriter, effortlessly engaging.